Freestanding L Wall by CWP

Freestanding L Wall by CWP


  • Waste & Recycling Facilities
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Storage Bays
  • Aggregate Bays
  • Flood alleviation works
  • Ideal for storage of grain and silage


1m wide x 2m high
1m wide x 3m high

Half unit x 2m high
Half unit x 3m high

Additional Items: 

Lifting brackets & fixing down kits. 
Construction mastic. 

Why Choose our Freestanding L Walls?

Our Freestanding L Walls are a quick and simple solution for a variety of uses and offer a great deal of flexibility and value for money. 

They are ideally suited for below ground effluent tanks and offer a rapid construction solution to shuttered walls. 

The L wall system gives you the flexibility to construct behind the retaining wall. 

Our Freestanding L Walls come with cast in fork pockets for easy manoeuvrability.