Lets Talk Interlocking Concrete Blocks

5th November 2019

There's a good reason our Precast Interlocking Concrete Blocks are so popular...

CWP Interlocking Concrete Blocks are one of our most popular products with customers. This is thanks to their versatility and strength, with it being possible to use the blocks for:

  • Flood Barriers

  • Material Retaining Walls

  • Traffic Calming/Segregation

  • Security Barriers/fencing

  • Custom Storage Bay Walls

  • Waste & Recycling Facilities

Our Blocks lock into each other to create a strong dividing or security structure and come with a 2.5t lifting eye embedded to allow for easy manoeuvrability using our standard ring clutch. We supply our range of Lego Blocks in several sizes, so you should have no trouble finding the right block to suit your project. Thanks to the Blocks slotting neatly together, you’ll have a clean finish whether you’re looking to create a retaining wall, a security barrier or storage bays.


Using CWP Interlocking Concrete Blocks to Create: Storage Bays/Partition Walls

Our precast Lego Blocks are a great product to use when creating partition walls or retaining walls as they:

  • are quick & easy to install

  • are strong & durable

  • do not require any fixings

  • are manoeuvrable, if required

Using CWP Interlocking Concrete Blocks to Create: Storage Spaces/Retaining Walls

Concrete Lego Blocks can also be used to create storage spaces, ensuring your stored items are kept safe from the elements.


CWP Interlocking Concrete Block Dimensions

  • 1600mm x 800mm x 800mm full blocks.
  • 800mm x 800mm x 800mm half blocks available.
  • 1200mm x 600mm x 600mm full blocks.
  • 600mm x 600mm x 600mm half blocks available.
  • The half-block allows you to turn the wall through 90° degrees. 


For further information on offloading & installation, speak to the team and request an installation guide. Should you require assistance with installation, we will be happy to discuss this with you further.