CWP Concrete become UK Manufacturer of KarabloK

27th September 2019


As a UK Precast Manufacturer we specialise in producing high quality products for other companies within the UK.

In our 3 years of business we have developed expertise in a wide range of bespoke concrete projects and the latest no exception.  We are delighted to announce that we are the UK manufacturer of KarabloK.  

KarabloK is a modular precast concrete barrier that can be rapidly deployed to provide protection against vehicle impacts and blasts. It is the only precast concrete barrier system in the world tested and certified for an impact load of 7.2t (16,000lb) at 50mph (80km/h) at 90° impact angle.

Vehicle mitigation

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation 

o   Testing included being hit by a 7200kg vehicle travelling at 80km/h at a 90° angle.   The barrier withstood the impact, stopped vehicle and remained intact.

 Ballistic and Blast Protection

o   Tested and found to be compliant with sections of STANAG 2280, the NATO standard for ballistic, blast and impact barriers. Test include: 30mm high explosive rounds fired from 100m, Milan warhead static blast at 1.5m, NATO 155 warhead static blast at 1.5m, swingfire warhead static blast at 1.5m, 36kg of high explosive at 1.5m

Critical National Infrastructure

o   As an internal blast wall, it can be built two or more courses high and has a four-hour fire wall rating and can also act as a bund wall to hold large spillages.


o   Bomb proof and vehicle proof these form an excellent security perimeter for airports, fuel stations, anti-terrorist protection at large scale public events such as concerts and markets. These can be softened by planting or painting.


o   The KarabloK barrier is a highly-effective hostile vehicle mitigation system which, unlike other HVM’s, offers protection from explosions, direct fire weapon systems and RPG’s.

Watch Karablok being put through the tests here: 


As our technology, innovation, resources, team and premises expands we can turn our expertise to a variety of projects-If you have a precast concrete project in mind our team can help you bring your vision to reality!

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