CWP’s latest project involved neighbouring innovative Lockerbie based business MacRebur.

28th March 2019

MacRebur's carefully selected plastics, taken from old rubbish, are added into roads to improve strength and add durability, whilst reducing the quantity of the oil-based bitumen used in a traditional road mix. 

Concrete A wall Storage Bays

To develop their new premises, we were delighted to be able to provide them with a new storage solution using our concrete A walls designed and manufactured at our base in Lockerbie. Both CWP and MacRebur are progressing and expanding all the time, offering an exciting future for our local workforce and revenue.

Interested in how it all came together?   Check out our informative video:  

Watch how this was manufactured and built here!

Our freestanding A walls are perfect for aggregate storage. They have an interlocking tongue and grove design, which allows the units to be bonded end to end.  The units are designed to be freestanding, however they do also have the option of being resin anchored to the floor as a permanent structure. We used the half panels to allow us to create the corner structure of the bays.