Self-Compacting Concrete

23rd June 2017

With a year of trading under our belts, our experienced and knowledgeable team decided that they wanted to develop a mix design for our concrete to consistently improve the quality of the panels that we were producing to ensure that our customers receive the best every time.  

Our team have focused their efforts on creating our own personalised SCC, Self-Compacting Concrete. SCC has been recognised as one of the greatest advances in the Concrete Industry in the last 20 years and our technical team decided that this would be the best solution to give our customers the best quality panel and concrete products.

Our new SCC concrete is performing better than expected. To create our new mix, we reduced the water content of our old standard mix and have used an accelerant ad mix to create a high flow.

We now have a material that fills the mould without the need for any secondary compaction, we almost achieve a float finish prior to any working of the concrete.

This new mixture creates an improved surface finish, which means that there is a reduction in production times and ultimately a better working environment for our team with less vibration, noise and re work.

Interested? Call our team to find out more about the benefits of our own SCC mix today.